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Gambling diary template

Gambling diary template green bay casino hotel

Of course, the IRS gets a copy too, so you better make sure the gross gambling winnings reported on page 1 of your Form or on Schedule C if you are a professional gambler at least equal the amounts reported on the Forms W-2G.

I'm going to read your other posts. January 24th, at 5: I read the thread on gamblinv So is this templxte I log suffeciant enough? I do not, however, in any year ever claim I've won more than I've lost, even though there have avalon catalina casino theater some years that I've actually won. You need more information for the gambling log. The situations in which poker is played present good circumstances in which to test possible answers.

While most gamblers end up empty-handed, a select few win big. taxpayers must compile the following information in a log or similar record. “No valid reason exists for taxpayers engaged in wagering transactions not to maintain a contemporaneous gambling diary or gambling log”. Las Vegas discussion forum - Gambling log for tax purposes, page 1. Then, develop a "diary template" that you can use to track each of your.

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